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Car Wrapping

What is car wrapping?

It basically consists in wrapping your car’s original paint with a vinyl, in a different color but sometimes in the same color with some different features such as matte, glossy or clear protective layers.  

This has become more popular in the recent times however it’s been a technique used since a very long time. One of the advantages of wrapping is that it does not modify the original color; instead it can be removed whenever the owner wants to. Another unique feature about this technique is that not only does it give you the opportunity to change the color of your vehicle without modifying the original one, but the layers sometimes can be chosen with different textures besides colors. 


Another advantage is that it gives you the opportunity to choose whether you want to get your car full covered or just a few parts of it, so you can personalize it as you wish. 

If you choose to wrap your car, consider doing it with technicians that are able to do the work correctly with the correct tools and materials, since there are some places that provide a bad service and bad quality materials. It requires experience and subject matter experts. At Alpha Window Tint, our installers are certified to do this work and many others.