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Paint Protection Film


Due to several environmental conditions that might fade your car’s painting, we too have a solution for this. We offer a resource that will, for sure, protect your car’s original painting. The paint protection film is introduced as an unique solution to avoid scratches and other incidents that will most likely damage the vehicle painting. This ensures that the painting condition will remain like new for a long time. We guarantee you a lifetime quality work

¿What is a Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an ultra transparent film thermoplastic made up of polyurethane, applied upon the vehicles painting, stopping it from possible scratches, marks, hits, and other environmental factors. It creates a bar that will act as a defense between the paint and the damaging factor. 

If your intentions are to keep your car the newest as possible then you can’t afford to ignore this option which is the best choice to protect your car’s painting condition. 

Is Paint Protection Film worth the investment? 

You can have our word at 100% that PPF is worth the investment. It will give your car a look as though it had just been bought. You don’t have to worry about pollution, long-term sunny light or other things that may be harmful for it.