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Sensor & Alarms Systems


We are always looking after your safety and protection, that is the reason why among all our automotive options, we offer you sensor & alarms systems installation too.

What does a car alarm works for? It is used mostly for safety purposes; it protects your car from the thieves. 

A car alarm is a device that is installed in your car in order to work as an alert whenever anyone tries to touch your car and wants to open it, the alarm will begin to sound and alert the owner.


Advantages of Installing a Car Alarm System

Keeps the price up to date when you resell your vehicle

It has been noticed that buyers tend to buy cars, and pay the price that is set, when it has an alarm system which is considered as a very important feature on cars nowadays.

Insurance importance 

The insurance company calculates overall insurance cost on the basis of security and safety factors. The car alarm system will facilitate you with the advantage of insurance.

Strong protection of cars or accessories from being stole  

As said before, it will give you a lot of security when leaving your car parked anywhere, because it will alert before any irregularity. When a thief tries to touch any part of your car then an alarm will begin to sound which is loud to enough to alert the people around.   

Technology Up to Date 

Like almost everything in the current days, you can control your alarm system from your devices such as your Smartphone, computer, etc.


In spite of some already factory –installed sensor systems in cars, if yours is not the case, we also offer this alternative as a security system. 

How do they work?

Sensors use ultrasonic waves that they emit and then receive back when the vehicle approaches a nearby object. They will let you know by using a tone that will repeat increasingly as the car is nearer. 

You can choose audible or both audible and visual for sensors installation. They are both very useful but it’s about the customer’s taste. By adding these new technology devices to your car, you will get to keep it for a longer time; therefore it will not lose value as to its price